About Us

We first opened for business in 2008, and have been serving Maidstone and the surrounding area ever since treating dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, other exotic small mammals, reptiles and birds.

As well as treating dogs and cats, we are a specialist exotic animal practice. Mark Rowland holds the RCVS Certificate in Zoological Medicine, has lectured locally and in the United States and had several articles published in peer reviewed veterinary journals.

We will be offering CPD events to practices in the area and setting up an online referral system for advice with troublesome exotic cases where the vet will be able to send xrays and case histories for specialist advice and referral where appropriate.

Our practice is purpose built and state of the art with all the facilities required for complete diagnostic and surgical treatment of the species we treat as well as specialised hospitilisation facilities. We use modern anaesthetic protocols allowing us to carry out surgical species safely on all the species we see... even tomato frogs (above).

Our CPD is based on experience and qualification and aimed to help first opinion practices enhance their treatment of exotic animal cases without the need for vast amounts of extra equipment. 







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