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Our iPhone and Android App has been built to give Vets, Vet Nurses and Vet Students an insight into Exotic Animal Medicine. There are high definition videos of blood sampling, Images of conditions, a list of common conditions and their treatment and a list of drugs used with doses for all the commonly presented exotic animals from Guinea Pigs to Chickens.

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Already selling worldwide this App is proving to be an invaluable pocket assistant. Drug doses are at the touch of a button. Biological data available for phone enquiries such as Guinea pig gestation, degu sexual maturity. Videos of blood sampling lizards, snakes, tortoises, birds, exotic small mammals. Guidelines for supportive care (such as crop tubing bird videos), a list of common conditions (and their treatment) and much more. The aim of the App is to bring exotic animal medicine closer to the small animal veterinary surgeon so that when they present at the clinic, the clinician is ready to offer a work up similar to that for dogs and cats.